How to export youtube video comments

Youtube video comments act as an interaction medium between you and your audience. It’s more or less like a double-edged sword either it can be helpful or sometimes pointless.

When you find useful comments in your videos. you should download Youtube comments to your personal computer for further analysis.

Why do you want to export youtube video comments?

  • You’ll get to know the pulse of the audience.
  • You can get a topic for your next video.
  • Get to know what type of videos grab audience attention.
  • What was their opinion about your videos
  • And so much…

Youtube itself has an option to view all comment history but has no option to save or download it.

So, in this post, we are going to see how to extract youtube comments from your videos.

Is there any app to download youtube comments?

There are so many tools in the market like youtube comment scraper, youtube comment extractor but those are just doing the web scraping and after few days of use, it’ll be banned by Youtube search engine since it is against Youtube terms.

But, this can be done with an amazing plugin.

It has numerous features and one such feature is to downloading youtube comments to your local drive,

You can explore the entire list of plugin features here.


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How to easily export youtube video comments?

It’s very simple. Just follow the below steps.

First, Sign Up and Install plugin on your chrome browser.

Go to Youtube Dashboard and at the top right you can see TB icon. Click on it and you can see the options as shown below

export youtube video comments

Click “My Videos“, it will take you to your video page

Select the video that you want to export the comments. Next to Edit option you can see an icon. Click the TB icon.

You will get a drop down, in that under “MISC” you can see “ Export comments “, just click on it to export youtube video comment extractor


You will get  a popup message as shown below

download youtube comments

Once you click “OK” it will be downloaded in ZIP format, Extract the file and see the comments 🙂 That’s it!

Below are the comment details of your videos

  1. Video Id
  2. Comment Date
  3. Channel Id
  4. Channel Name
  5. Total Replies
  6. Comment

extract youtube comments


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